dog portrait painting

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A painting of your horse, dog or any other well loved pet is something to treasure, even more so if that animal is no longer part of your life. It is a lasting keepsake, and offers so much more than simply a photograph, which is often stored digitally or in an album, and rarely seen. A painting can be displayed in your home and I hope will be a piece of artwork in its own right, as well as a constant reminder of your favourite pet. Animal portraits make wonderfully personal gifts for friends and family too!

When painting commissions, as well as wanting to achieve a good likeness, which of course is very important, I also try to capture the true character of the animal without the finished article looking like an exact photocopy of the original reference.
To me, ‘photo realism’ lacks soul. I believe a painting should look like a painting!

I work in three different mediums, Oils, Acrylics and Pastels

Oils and Acrylics can be painted onto cotton or linen canvas, either board mounted which can then be framed, or ‘gallery wrapped’ where the canvas is stretched over a wooden framework and can be hung straight on the wall. Pastels are done on tinted paper and need to be mounted and framed under glass for protection.

Good reference photos are essential

You can either provide your own or if you wish I can come and meet the subject and take some myself. Photos need to be in focus with good lighting and contrast. Don’t worry about objects in the background. The more photos the better, I rarely work from just one single shot.

People always ask me ‘How much does a pet portrait cost?’ This is the tricky part!

Painting is not an exact science, and doesn’t always go to plan! Some paintings may only take 4 or 5 hours, where others may take weeks! As well as the hours involved, I also have to take into account the cost of materials, paints etc. Also, the cost depends so much on the size, medium and content of the painting. For example, a horse wearing a bridle will take more work than without, likewise two dogs in the same painting will cost more than one.

As a ballpark figure, prices start from £140 for pastels, £160 for acrylics, and £200 for oils, based on up to 10 hours work. I will always agree the price with you before I begin.

Please see below a few examples of past commissions in different mediums, and visit my Testimonials page for feedback from some happy customers!